#27 Urbcast: Urbanism as "A Lens Through Which We Look At The City"

Episode 33 March 09, 2023 00:40:55
#27 Urbcast: Urbanism as "A Lens Through Which We Look At The City"
Smart in the City – The BABLE Podcast
#27 Urbcast: Urbanism as "A Lens Through Which We Look At The City"

Mar 09 2023 | 00:40:55


Hosted By

Tamlyn Shimizu

Show Notes

With us in this special episode is none other than a fellow podcast host and urbanist – Marcin Wojciech Żebrowski from Urbcast - a podcast about cities. He is also a Business Development Coordinator at Henning Larsen Architects.

Urbcast is a unique bilingual podcast about cities, urbanism, urban planning, architecture and much more. Every second Wednesday, Marcin interviews various guests and dives into topics such as cities, urban design, architecture or living in the Scandinavian capital of design—Copenhagen.


BABLE will be at the Autonomy Mobility World Expo in Paris on March 22nd and 23rd. Register now to benefit from the many activities on the programme: Startup Village, City Hub, two conference programs, test tracks, demos, B2B and B2G meetings, startup challenge and innovation award ceremony We hope to see you there!


Overview of the episode:

02:25 - Teaser: How does it feel for a podcast host to become the guest?

03:05 - How did Marcin get into podcasting?

05:30 - How many cities have Marcin recorded episodes with?

07:10 - Is urbanism an inclusive term, or should we widen the scope of Smart in the City and Urbcast?

09:00 - What is the most inspiring story Marcin heard from his guests?

13:15 - How can cities enable bottom-up initiatives?

18:10 - What has been the biggest urban challenge Marcin heard about?

21:50 - What role can podcasting have in the urban transition?

29:20 - Can we copy-paste solutions from one city to another?


32:05 - Flip the Script: our guest is asking the questions!

36:45 - Ending Question: To you, what is a Smart City?


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