Trailer: What is a Smart City?

January 15, 2022 00:00:31
Trailer: What is a Smart City?
Smart in the City – The BABLE Podcast
Trailer: What is a Smart City?

Jan 15 2022 | 00:00:31


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Tamlyn Shimizu

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What exactly is a Smart City? The answer will always be different depending on who you ask. But despite the concept's diversity, it speaks to people from different cities and organisations, all striving to build more sustainable and liveable cities.

And soon, you will hear directly from them in our podcast. We hope to see you at the next stop on the journey to a better urban life!

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Episode Transcript

Tamlyn Shimizu 00:00:02 In your opinion, what is a Smart City? Speaker 2 00:00:07 It's a city where you have good solutions for your citizens. Speaker 3 00:00:10 That is put into the context of the overall green transition. Speaker 4 00:00:14 More livable, more sustainable. Speaker 5 00:00:16 Good, reliable, clean, efficient transportation Speaker 6 00:00:21 Easier. And safer. Speaker 7 00:00:22 Open for change. Tamlyn Shimizu 00:00:25 Welcome to Smart in the City - The BABLE Podcast.

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